The best part about a Made to Order CA gown is that your dress is made pretty close to your own measurements. In order for us to do this we need to get your measurements first. So here is a guide to show you how easy it is to get those measurements. 

Seriously this is so easy, if you can’t manage it yourself, grab your girlfriend or your mum and a tape measure and you’re all set..

To produce your CA gown we need 4 main measurements from you, your bust, waist, hip and length. Don’t freak out, these are so easy to get. One thing to remember, when you give us your length measurement we need it from your shoulder to the floor (with your heels on, or at least a similar height of the ones you intend wearing for the big day)


Get that tape measure and measure around your bust making sure the tape measure is across the end of your bust (AKA the fullest part of your bust) and the back has to sit where your bra normally sits! We told you this was easy..


We love our waists, and the best way to measure your waist is to put your tape measure around the smallest part of your waist, more or less just above your belly button. jiggle the measuring tape around so it fits perfectly on the smallest part of your waist.. et voila you have your waist measurement. 


For those hips just measure around the fullest part of your hips. Making sure the tape measure sits over your bum. 


See that wasn’t so bad was it? one more measurement to go… Get your girlfriend to help you with these measurements to be sure you have them correct. Measure from the top of your shoulder all the way down to your toes.

If you are wearing those gorge heels on the big day then be sure to put them on to get your exact measurement.