We thought it was about time we properly introduced you to the super talented and fabulous woman behind the creative designs of Caroline Atelier.If there ever was a designer who perfectly embodies her brand, it would be Caroline. She represents the bohemian relaxed vibe her brides know her for. Yet sprinkle Caroline with the CA glamour dust and she turns into glamour and elegance at its best which is exactly what the CA brand is all about.




With her undeniable adventure for travel, her love of her heritage from India, her passion for the snow and nature, spending days on the beach. She’ll make you dream and remember carefree days gone by , going back to when days were longer and slower… A life that you remember instead of rush past.

Caroline knows the personality of her bride, and most of today’s brides… Her effortless way of making brides feel good, spreading her good vibes throughout her collections makes you sometimes feel like you are looking at collections in her own wardrobe.


Her love of fashion is evident throughout her collections and her use of Italian Crepes and fusions of indian beading crafted in a place that she loves is told through the different collections she designs.




” I love seeing brides from all over the world styling our designs in different ways, this is why i design the way i do, so brides have the opportunity to create a look unique to their own personality. That ultimately means that i help them on their journey to becoming a bride with good vibes who is fiercely independent & soulful”


” Each design has a story to tell. A woman i have met, a place i have visited, beading i have come across.. I get so inspired by hearing brides stories too…. At the end of the day taking vow in front of someone you love is showing a commitment and doing it in a dress that depicts your personality is amazing”  – Caroline Matthews


Caroline spends a lot of her time meeting with new stockists across the world and designing new pieces to add to the collection throughout the year. Caroline doesn’t believe in seasons in bridal and continuously designs throughout the year, designing her CA brand and also her fashion line.

Love and good vibes

The CA Team xx


Caroline Matthews