Emma Donovan

I tried on one of Caroline Ateliers dresses in Bella Bleu in Cork City and I just loved it. So I decided to contact the designer directly to see if she could create a ‘masterpiece’ for me as I was not finding a dress I loved in the main stream ‘Wedding Dress’ shops. My overall experience has been fantastic, Caroline is an exceptional designer who has a wonderful entrepreneurial drive and enthusiasm that deserves the custom and support that she receives. I have been telling every bride or prospective bride of her creations and hopefully on the day of my wedding her creation will sell itself and help establish the name of ‘Caroline Atelier’ even further.

Patricia McGinty

I thought the service & quality of the dresses was exceptional. There was a good selection and the style is exactly what I was looking for.
It’s a real bonus that you can change the dresses to suit you.
I discovered Caroline Atelier through her shoot in Irish Brides magazine and can’t wait to have my own Caroline Atelier Creation.


I really liked the bright room which was private and didn’t feel like an assembly line of brides-to-be – which some bridal boutiques do. She has a huge amount of experience. I Liked the over all style of a lot of the dresses, she helped me identify which aspects would suit best. Caroline was very intuitive with what I felt most comfortable in and was quick to point out what suited me best.
I had been seeing updates on Facebook which kept her in my mind when looking for my dress.


The dresses I tried were quite different to what I had tried on elsewhere. I particularly liked the materials. I was surprised about how unstructured they felt on, which is what I like. I really liked that the dresses I tried on were not boned. Caroline was really easy to deal with and made the whole experience really personal and fun for both me and my family.

Keira Kennelly

Caroline I knew I had found a a diamond with your wedding dresses. I knew there was something to this dress and I knew it was almost too good to be true. I am just flabbergasted that it was available.
I only saw the dress on Tuesday and fell in love dreaming about it. So much so, that I made my Mam, my sister (who had to lie to get off work), my sister-in-law and her new born baby drive 3 hours to see the dress I bought it, obviously they all loved it.
I know that you will have great success.It must have been my angels asking yours because I know that this is my dream dress and i am so happy, Thank You!

Jacinta O’ Mahony

Very positive experience, you are very helpful and friendly and your dress collection and studio are lovely too. I was delighted with your ideas – you “got” straight away what I was looking for and offered good advice on ways to improve the look. I loved the fact you sketched my dress with variations and emailed to me the following day, providing that visual is a great idea!

Holly Carey

Incredibly positive!! I never once felt rushed or pushed. Caroline was thoughtful about her suggestions and constructive in her feedback on each dress. I think I was with Caroline for about an hour and three quarters and it was a lovely experience all round. I thought Caroline had great ability to recognise the finer details and nicest bits of someone so as to really emphasise the good and work at disguising the not so good. It’s a real skill and absolutely necessary for bridal dress shoppers. I think there is a dress there for most tastes and its helpful to know also that the top from one can be paired with the bottom from another and vice versa. It is reassuring for those of us with pair shapes!

Noeleen Mckenna

Her collection is very beautiful and unique and exactly the kind of dresses I like, elegant, old Hollywood Glamour. I also like the fact that I was able to make changes to the design so as to have my own bespoke dress. I was particularly attracted to the beautiful Emmy wedding dress design. I found Caroline very professional, I was given lots of time to try on the gowns that I liked which I loved.