Our Top 5 Picks for Fabulous Bridal Accessories:

Well let us first start by saying…. GO GIRL….. your wedding is here! time to get in some serious wedding action and have an insanely fabulous day!

We know as bridal designers ourselves that planning a wedding, getting everything together is sometimes, shall we say, a little cray cray! So we thought we would put together our top 5 Bridal Accessories every bride with good vibes should have on her epic wedding day!

We want to help you take a little of the stress out of your day (so you will be P.A.R.T.Y.I.N.G) and having lots of fun with your new beau…

See our top 5 Bridal Accessories that every bride cannot be without!

1. Every bride to be requires a fabulous clutch… when we say fabulous! we mean fabulous, It has to fit in the make up, the tissues, the phone and anything else that us girls
need on our wedding day, so we found the purrfect clutch courtesy of: Kate Spade:

We are also swooning over this one by Lulu Guinness with the perfect pout!

For the bride on a budget, check out Accessorise, they have a pretty awesome selection for you lovely ladies. Here’s our fav!

2. What else do our fabulous brides to be need to have a rocking day?? beautiful bridal shoes of course.

Now at Caroline Atelier we have serious love affair with shoes! and some fab brides of our’s have rocked these shoes… the feedback?? super comfy…

Do we need anymore reasons to snap these puppies up! Sophie Webster has the most incredible shoes! and whats more they have “wifey on the bottom” How cute! Check them out here:

3. Now you couldn’t have the most perfect shoes without being able to wear them again right? so guess what comes in at No.3?? No brainer..Starlettos

These little gems are genius! no more attempting to look graceful whilst on your tippy toes so you don’t get your heels caught in the grass.

Pop these star shaped Starlettos to the bottom of your shoe and et voila. You are ready to rock and roll girlfriend!

4. Next in our top 5, We all love a bit of bling on our wedding day. At Caroline Atelier we are huge fans of bridal cuffs.They are cool, modern, a little bit edgy and really rock out any wedding dress in our eyes. This is our fab from Samantha Wills Bridal… In love.. Yes we are.

5. Last but by no means least… A stay all day lipstick! no one wants to be re grouping in the bathroom when we should be out having fun and dancing the night away, since this is a night full of love!

Here are our top 2 stay on lipsticks to keep your covered all day! TOM FORD can’t really take a step wrong…. from experience this lipstick is F.A.B

Pillow talk by Charlotte Tilbury… In love again…. super luxurious, matt finish, and also a limited edition to enhance your natural pout! now who doesn’t want an amazing pout in those photos?

Thats a wrap for us, we hope you loved our top 5 picks for bridal accessories! All thats left to say is….. have an epic wedding you lovely brides!


Love & Good Vibes,

Caroline Atelier

Caroline Matthews